Dealing With Withdrawal From Opiate Addiction


Dealing With Withdrawal From Opiate Addiction

I’m sure you’ve probably already noticed that dealing with withdrawal from opiate addiction is unfortunately a very difficult thing to have to live through. But the main thing you absolutely need to know is that it is not impossible for you to do this and getting the proper help and treatment will absolutely make this withdrawal process a lot easier on you than if you were to try and kick this habit on your own.

So you definitely want to make sure you get the necessary help that you deserve so that you can truly and completely rid yourself of this opiate problem forever and finally have the opportunity to take your life back into your own hands once again. Nobody wants to spend their entire life as a slave to an addiction, and opiate addiction absolutely turned you into a slave so you must find a way to truly stop this problem from completely taking over your life for good.

I don’t want to see you become another statistic to opiates because there are too many people that died from this problem each and every year and you do not have to be another victim if you get the proper help you need and it’s also help that you truly deserve even though you might not feel like you deserve it yet.

Is It Easy To Deal With Withdrawal From An Opiate Addiction?

To put it bluntly, no it really isn’t all that easy to deal with withdrawal from an opiate addiction. But you have to remember that the best way for a person to truly experience life is to win those battles that are the hardest for them to beat. I know you don’t want to hear right now that you’re going to have to face the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced in your life, but that’s what makes it all the more sweeter when you finally do look opiate addiction in the face and say that you will not own me any longer. I will not let you take control of my life for one more second.

You don’t have to lay down and die for opiates just because it’s going to be a little bit hard for you to withdraw from this addiction. Remember there are drugs like Buprenorphine and methadone available to you that will absolutely help you curb the withdrawal symptoms that you are unfortunately going to experience once you finally stop taking opiates for good. I just want to make sure that you do not allow these uncomfortable bodily sensations to stop you from achieving something that is so important to you in your life.

What Types Of Things Will I Experience When I Withdraw From Opiates?

There are two major types of symptoms that you will experience when you first begin to withdraw from opiates. The opiate addiction symptoms that you will experience are going to be of a physical nature and also of a psychological nature. So please prepare yourself to learn how to handle both physical sensations and psychological issues that are going to arise when you finally decide to kick this habit for good. So let’s take a look at some of the things that you will go through so that you can be prepared for them if or when they actually happen.

What Are The Physical Withdrawal Symptoms I Might Experience?

You will probably experience one or more physical withdrawal symptoms when you finally try to get your opiate addiction under control. Some of the symptoms that you will experience are chills, pain in your bones and muscles, tremors, sweating heavily, priapism, a rapid heartbeat, restless leg syndrome, flulike symptoms, akathisia, diarrhea, yawning, sneezing, rhinitis, itchiness, weakness and cramps.

The main thing you need to constantly keep running through your mind while you are experiencing these physical symptoms that come along with withdrawing from an opiate addiction is that these are bodily symptoms that will eventually pass.

You are not going to have to live with them entirely for the rest of your life, and even though they are very uncomfortable right now they will eventually go away so you can keep that in your mind and know that this is only a temporary problem that you are in the process of fixing. But the only way you’re going to completely fix it is if you totally withdraw from the opiates that are keeping you enslaved.

What Are The Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms I Might Experience?

You will absolutely experience some psychological withdrawal symptoms as well when you withdraw from opiates. Some of the psychological symptoms that opiate addiction will bring about are cravings, panic attacks and anxiety, malaise, dysphoria, insomnia, depression, nausea and paranoia. Another major problem you will experience is depression, and that’s basically going to be one of your biggest struggles I would assume.

Just remember that the withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction will not last forever. You are temporarily going to feel out of sorts and the withdrawal is going to be a little bit painful for a while but it’s not going to last forever and you will be able to get over this problem if you can hold it together long enough.